Maintenace Synthetic Trainer

Senior Software Engineer
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Project Overview
Maintenance Synthetic Trainer, also known as MST, is a software application created to train Flight Mechanics proper procedures in repairing and maintaining four different plane models. Accompanied by a cloud application called the Authoring Tool, which let instructors hand create lessons for use within their classroom.
My Contributions
When I joined the team on Maintenance Synthetic Trainer I started out as a regular Software Engineer working solely on the front-end. Creating UI and improving the UX through Unity and C#. Shortly after joining I was assigned to do the complete process. Developing the simulation code and the Unity side to support the new system I would be making.

A year after creating systems I was promoted to Senior Software Engineer. Taking on new responsibilities and larger roles within the team. I started interacting with all fields of development in a more in depth manner. Helping Product Managers scope project size and sprints, discussing with Quality Assurance complex issues to quickly understand solutions or compromises and optimizing assets with the Art Director. Along side those I had become a leading voice in discussion and decision about the future of new feature implementation and how we approach new problems that many have arouse from a constantly evolving code base.

Worked on four projects, seven individual releases, over 3 years to the satisfaction of clients and shareholders. With live demonstrations to those individuals interested in our progress every two weeks to show new features and iterate on their feedback.
Plane Navigation Menu w/ Lesson UI
Cloud based Authoring Tool
Lesson Step - Remove and Replace Example