Hey there!

I'm Riley Smith

I’m a Gameplay Developer and Software Engineer based in Seattle, WA.

My Career so far

Originally started in Game Development at two small companies.

One job was developing a prototype for a VR project targeting Google Cardboard to translate children's books into experiences.

Then I joined the Hiveswap: Act 1 development helping bring the creative image of the game to the end goal. Supporting through bug fixes, designing and implementing key features to the user's journey.

Previously I was developing an application to teach flight mechanics correct procedures to maintain and service aircraft. Using Unity as the Front-End and C++ Simulation to process all the data. Worked on and release four separate projects to private clients and shareholders. As well as developed cloud based tools for user created lessons.

Agile Methodology
Critical Thinker
Source Control
Code Reviews
Unit Testing
Time Management
Software Architecture
Problem Solver
User Experience
Estimation & Scoping